Catholic Pedophilia in Mexico, too

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Re: Catholic Pedophilia in Mexico, too

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Born_again wrote:
NAB wrote:Is there or is there not evidence that SOME homosexuals get involved in paedophilia and/or child molestation?

NAB, I live in a world full of probabilities and facts, so my accepting the statement is merely a foregone conclusion. However, I would never allow that to persuade me that homophobia can be justified.

As for the church part, well, I'd rather not comment specifically about that organisation. Instead I would just remind myself that there are plenty of avenues available to an individual homosexual who is also a paedophile. Admittedly, joining an organisation with a track record for covering-up abuse would have its merits over other options.

No argument from me on those points BA, other than we have to be careful to differentiate attempted adult discussion of facts and probabilities from homophobia and/or prejudice.

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Re: Catholic Pedophilia in Mexico, too

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Well, haven't we been having fun here while I was busy elsewhere tonight.

I think Nab has done an excellent job of explaining what I meant, and Nebula, as usual, has gone into attack mode. I said I had nothing against homosexual people and I meant it. I don't particularly give a flying fig if you choose to argue that point because you have no basis for your argument since you don't know me well enough to say. The way you came ranting into this thread is liable to be mistaken for "he doth protest too much".

So ...

Historically, people who are homosexual have been forced to hide their sexual preferences due to the biases of the public against them.

Historically, people who are homosexual have taken refuge within the Catholic cult, which made a public stand against homosexuals to make the public think they were not hiding and practicing their lifestyle within the walls of their churches and monasteries.

Some Catholic clergy (male and female) are homosexuals.

Some Catholic clergy are pedophiles who also hide within the Catholic Church to give them easy access to the children in their care.

Some are men and some are women homosexuals and pedophiles who practice the Catholic faith.

Some Catholic pedophiles are also homosexuals.

Some Catholic homosexuals are also pedophiles.

Some men and women, who are Catholic clergy, sexually and mentally abuse children of the same sex as they are.

Some men and women, who are Catholic clergy, sexually and mentally abuse children of the opposite sex as they are.

All of these catholic clergy - homosexuals, pedophiles and heterosexuals - hide these transgressions against children under the cloak of Catholicism.

The ones who cover up the issue of homosexuality and pedophilia within the Catholic Church also lie about it to keep their membership and the public from knowing that child abuse (sexual, physical and mental) is happening to the children in their care by their clergy in trusted positions all over the world.

All Catholic clergy who are pedophiles should be tried in the public court system and if found guilty, punished and do jail time instead of being tried by their own peers within the Catholic Church and shuffled off to another parish to abuse children all over again.

All people of Catholic faith should be outraged about the issue of child abuse within their trusted clergy.

The Catholic God is taking too long to punish and stop his religious zealots (of any sexual preference) from abusing children. This isn't an issue that can wait until they arrive at the pearly gates when they are in their dotage. If the Catholic God isn't going to zap His pedophiles and child abusers with a bolt of lightning, then all Catholics should be demanding their church leaders turn their pedophiles and child abusers over to the police and they should be stripped of their religious garb and position within the church. This includes their Pope.

The Catholic cult should be brought into an international court of law for their history of transgressions against children. (yeah, I know that one is a pipe dream - there are too many cult addicts)

Honestly, I really don't know how some Catholic people sleep at night these days knowing they are supporting a bunch of lying, sneaky, filthy child abusers by their silence. I guess that must mean they approve of what their church has done for centuries. How many children do you think have been victims of the church over the centuries - thousands? Tens of thousands? Millions? How many more - even perhaps your own child or grandchild - before you find the balls to speak out against the church publicly? Before you demand change within the upper echelon of your religion? Before you walk away from your church and your brainwashing cult in disgust?

If these were soccer or hockey coaches, these people would be screaming for blood - why aren't they doing it when it is their religion? When they file child abuse under "God" in the filing cabinet of Life does it somehow become right and acceptable?
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Re: Catholic Pedophilia in Mexico, too

Post by Glacier »

grammafreddy wrote:If these were soccer or hockey coaches, these people would be screaming for blood - why aren't they doing it when it is their religion?

Funny you should mention that... Hockey coach, Graham James, got a pardon after being found guilty of sexually abusing Sheldon Kennedy 350 times. He is out without a criminal record coaching hockey players in Spain. Apparently, the parents know of his past, but they are okay with it since he is such a good coach.
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