Makes you wonder.

Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?
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Re: Makes you wonder.

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The way I see it...

Adam and Eve were celestial beings sent here from heaven on a mission to to upgrade an existing humanoid population which was genetically modified and recreated from ape origins when it was proven to GOD that Dinosaurs (the spawn of satan and Lord Lucifer) were incapable of having a GOD worshipping minds and souls capable of resurrection.

Satan's pets (dinos) were wiped off the planet and Lord Michael (the archangel) was given an opportunity to show that he could fulfill GOD's wishes to have soul imparted creatures inhabit the formerly beautiful and pristine planet Earth.

There was no incestual intent and it was more likely that The Garden of Eden was a genetic reproduction laboratory operated by Adam and Eve and which our ancient ancestors could not fully comprehend. The evidence of and result of this lack of understanding is evident in the seemingly irrational stories that fill the Biblical accounts of those ancient days.

I suspect that the practice of animal or human sacrifice was develpoed after ancient peoples witnessed surgical procedures done by ancient alien/celestial visitors.

Their downfall was allowing a jealous Satan or Lord Lucifer himself to interfere with this mission by allowing the introduction of the knowledge of iniquity and free will to their spawn.

The 10 commandments were later given to Moses to correct this failure of Adam and Eve's mission here; and were given to show the path of redemption for all the souls lost from the Adamic mission and the reason why Christ was sent to be the exemplar of these basic rules.

Some seeds have grown and some seeds whither.

Our free will allows us to choose to make the paths before us either clear or uncertain...
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