$30,000 Watch Vanishes Up Church Leader’s Sleeve

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$30,000 Watch Vanishes Up Church Leader’s Sleeve

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thou shalt not tell lies.

$30,000 Watch Vanishes Up Church Leader’s Sleeve

Editors doctored a photograph on the church’s Web site of the leader, Patriarch Kirill I, extending a black sleeve where there once appeared to be a Breguet timepiece worth at least $30,000. The church might have gotten away with the ruse if it had not failed to also erase the watch’s reflection, which appeared in the photo on the highly glossed table where the patriarch was seated.

http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/06/world ... .html?_r=0

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Re: $30,000 Watch Vanishes Up Church Leader’s Sleeve

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Now that's funny. I guess they never heard that "God is in the the details"
I just want some credible articles to back up my conspiracy theory but I can't find any. Must be censorship.
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Re: $30,000 Watch Vanishes Up Church Leader’s Sleeve

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And he's insisting it was photoshopped onto his wrist.


He's never owned such a watch...
Alas, he did, it was a gift from many gifts.
Who gives 30,000 dollar watches away?

How many Russians would that feed and why is the Okangan Gleaners club based in Summerland sending dried soup mixes to Russian orphanages when their top clergy have so much wealth?
If Putin stopped, he'd be saving Russian lives as well. Never thought the right would have a field day but June 24/2022 it is.

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