Where the world’s atheists live

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Where the world’s atheists live

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Re: Where the world’s atheists live

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It would be interesting to view the rest of the results for that poll. The articles says respondents were divided by "Religious", "Not religious" and "Convinced atheist". For discussion sake I'd tend to lump the first and last group together and view the second group as "undecided", there could be some wider conclusions to be drawn from comparison of all three groups. Not surprising to note that the stronghold for global atheism is in a country where religion is actively repressed by the government, but interesting to note that Australia seems to buck the trend that prevails in much of the world.

Also interesting would be to view the full results between this poll and a similar one taken seven years previous, as mentioned here:

The trends there indicate a marked departure from the "religious" category, but shows that the growth in the "not religious" category as faster than that in the "convinced atheist" group.
I just want some credible articles to back up my conspiracy theory but I can't find any. Must be censorship.

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