Why the 'rapture' means nothing to Christians

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Re: Why the 'rapture' means nothing to Christians

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Queen K wrote: Nov 17th, 2023, 6:32 am I don't get why the rapture means nothing to Christians anyways. What is the point to this title?
The rapture is an event that will happen in the future where some people will fly into the sky and others will not fly into the sky. Everyone knows that.

But although pastors and preachers talk about the rapture all the time for some reason, the average Christian cares more about what he's going to eat for lunch than he cares about the rapture.

So why do preachers mention the rapture so often?

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Re: Why the 'rapture' means nothing to Christians

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Unless one is attending church one would not know how often any thing is brought up at services, much less the rapture. :135:
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