A story about 99 preachers and another guy

Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?
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Re: A story about 99 preachers and another guy

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Thinktank wrote: If preachers want to be separate from the world they should be separate from the world's profits.

I think those preachers should have a good long talk with you.
You have this being separated from the world thing mastered.
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Re: A story about 99 preachers and another guy

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please feel free to photocopy this new ( and more honest)
prayer before meals and give to all the thousands of preachers in Canada:

Our Dear Heavenly Father, forgive us because this food came from thousands
of miles away, while the local strawberries rotted in the field - but hey - that's life. We're sorry, God,
that everything we do is for the dollar and that is why our food has fifteen pesticides on it.
We easily could have everything we eat 'almost organic' but we're greedy. Forgive us for that, God.

We thank you God that we aren't the Mexicans who picked these strawberries for less than minimum
wage so we could save a buck. And we're especially thankful we don't have to do the lowest job - working
in those sprayed fields ten hours a day. Without slaves, we wouldn't be enjoying these giant sized flavorless berries.

Thanks, Lord for giving us the big supermarkets - that eliminated the smaller stores - now they control and dictate
where our food comes from so they can maximize profits. Thank you Lord
for helping us save a buck.
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Re: A story about 99 preachers and another guy

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Thinktank wrote:Let's say God provided the minerals in the soil.
God provided the sun.
God made the seasons which make it possible to grow the produce.
God created lakes which provide necessary water - or rain.
then God made the bees which pollinate the crops.
God even made the hail which doesn't ruin the crop most of the time.

Then it's okay to thank God for the food we are about to receive.

You could say that if you believe in that particular god, but I and many others don't, so I prefer to thank the Earth and the people who grew it for the food.
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