What Are Christians Doing During COVID-19

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Re: What Are Christians Doing During COVID-19

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oko11 wrote:Why doesn't this make them question their faith. If they are true believers, they must believe that God created the virus.....so you pray that the same being that created this also is the one to end it

Actually, there's good evidence that the virus was made in a lab (see Joe Rogan's interview of Brett Weinstein).

Hmmm wrote:
capleton wrote:Lots of Christians think it is still ok to pack worshipers in churches because they think Jesus magic will protect them, this is just one example https://globalnews.ca/news/6751899/past ... h-florida/

Read what I wrote about the COMMAND to love your neighbour.The ones that do as the story are doing are not following Jesus command and therefore not real Christians. Real Christians are staying home..

There are lots of hypocritical Christians, but the evidence does show that atheists are the ones least likely to practice social distancing (albeit marginally), and they don't even go to church, so it's a bit ironic when an atheist is using this to slam the religious.

BTW, the data I've seen shows that the virus is largely being spread by parties and bars, and not protests and churches where people are socially distancing and/or wearing masks.
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Re: What Are Christians Doing During COVID-19

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While very concerned about small businesses, those whose jobs will not return, and hoping they find better ways that counter these epidemics, for myself, it's a peaceful, quiet time, trying to plant things, looking at lots of 'hacks' on YouTube, trying to learn a bit of Hebrew. Nobody knew each other well anyway, different nationalities, different languages, no or little English.
All polite, friendly but no connection. You can't force relationship in different cultures.
God took care of money, for now. Isn't it always for now?
Somehow less hustle and bustle, air is cleaner.

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