Can anyone suggest where they think the world is headed?

Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?
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Re: Can anyone suggest where they think the world is headed?

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capleton wrote:
oldtrucker wrote:Strait to hell.

That's funny, how do you know you will not end up in the Muslim hell or the Hindu/Buddhist hells?

Me? Ever considered that I'm to brutal to be accepted or wanted in those places?
Some may view my politically incorrect opinions as harsh and may be offended by them. Some think political correctness will be our undoing.
AB,SK,MB...are you going to wait until you lose your way of life before you consider getting out of confederation?
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Re: Can anyone suggest where they think the world is headed?

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2FollowHim wrote:Capleton! Why are you not answering properly ? Don't you know the difference
between a Christian and a cult.The Watchtower are against the Truth,
and they are anti Christ.Who asked you to read the Bible.Why don't you
stay with the world which you might understand, Tyre was completely destroyed
by Alexander the Great.Your knowledge is completely based on lies.
Aren't you aware that the only true church was the one founded by
Jesus. Apostle Paul established the gentile churches.Who are the Anglican,
Catholics,S.D.A. or Mormons.Off course they are off the chart. This section
is not for you unless you can contribute properly. Do better please.

I answered properly, now you are just making pathetic excuses like most Christians do, despite Tyre being destroyed by Alexander, it stills exists today and the Bible says that Nebuchadnezzar II will destroy it not Alexander, so that is a major fail no matter how you spin it. No I can't tell a difference between a cult and a Christian, often they one and the same. Your answer is pathetic, I can tell like most Christians you haven't read the Bible.

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