Two-faced people are my least favourite people

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Re: Two-faced people are my least favourite people

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capleton wrote:Ah typical Christian, can't offer a shred of evidence so try's to deflect with more nonsense.
Oh please. I don't read anything ThinkTank writes anymore, so I don't know what you're responding to, but your statement is pretty worthless on its own.

You claim their evidence is nonsense, because it doesn't meet your standard for what evidence needs to be. It doesn't meet my standard either, but I wouldn't go calling other peoples reasons for belief to be nonsense.

If the reason they believe is because of a story about jesus, then that's the evidence. They need not explain why they believe and they don't owe it to you to tell you.

When you ask for evidence, it's disingenuous. You wouldn't accept any evidence that a believer could offer.
No stories, no eye witnesses, no holy scripture, no historical artifacts that corroborate anything. These are all things you would simply dismiss.

So are you actually looking for someone to share their experience with their god and offer a reason to believe? Or are you just looking for a reason to attack peoples beliefs because they don't mesh with yours?

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