"Faith" in the 21st Century?

Is there a god? What is the meaning of life?
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Re: "Faith" in the 21st Century?

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capleton wrote:
Hmmm wrote:You seem to be completely confused as to what I believe.. Maybe just stick to what you believe and I'll explain myself if I feel like it. Thank you for your input though.
Show one thing in the the Bible is scientific and that any Bible prophecy has come to pass.
I haven't watched this video, but it's the first thing that came up when I googled "has prophecy been fulfilled bible."

You can vet it for me if you're bored on a Friday.

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Re: "Faith" in the 21st Century?

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I hear that HBO ran a 6-part series on Q-Anon. Not surprising to me, some "Evangelical" et al pastors are finding that the conspiracy theory is beginning to grab hold of people in their flocks. As I said elsewhere in this thread, I wouldn't be surprised if Christians are grabbed by the Q-Anon conspiracies and nonsense. It requires faith, something a lot of people feel a need to express, it delineates between right and wrong on its own terms, and it is uniquely American. Why waste time on faiths that originate in the Near East and are 2,000 years old.

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