Gobekli Tepe - site of the oldest known religious structures

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Gobekli Tepe - site of the oldest known religious structures

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This archeological discovery is 60 years old but was only taken seriously in the 90s and the implications of its existence are only starting to reverberate throughout academia.

One of the most stunning facts about this site, to me, is that it is a megalithic structure dating back to a time depth once thought to be inhabit only by hunter gatherers. But Gobekli Tepe's existence provides evidence of human cultural sophistication being much older than previously thought.

I recommend looking into this one it is very fascinating. There are quite a few articles online about it. But also Graham Hancock wrote about it. He has been to the site and spoke the main archeologist studying it in Turkey.

I also really enjoyed Gordon White's book "Star.Ships" and he has a pretty big section on Gobekli Tepe. Though his take on this is considerably more esoteric than most and so is not everyone's cup of tea. He does however, provide a model for consolidation Witzel's work with the Gobekly Tepe implications in a way I know of no one else has proposed.

But basically, this discovery upsets the notion that religion is a result of agriculture creating free time where humans were more at liberty to engage in worship. We now know that pre-neolithic, pre-agricultural man was engaging in large scale religious behavior. This strongly suggests religiousness is a primary human characteristic and not incidental.

What is fascinating about it is that the site is actual several sites built one over the top of each other.

Here is some reading and videos about Gobekli Tepe

https://www.ranker.com/list/facts-about ... ephanroget
"The discovery of Göbekli Tepe has the potential to change much of our understanding of the dawn of civilization, and especially the role that agriculture played. It had previously been assumed that permanent human settlements first arose when humanity gained the ability to farm - which allowed them to live a more stable life than hunting and gathering did. However, the construction of Göbekli Tepe predates the development of agricultural practices by quite some time"

There are still many unanswered questions about Gobekli Tepe and some disagreement about it. That's to be expected with a discovery that is so disruptive like this. Fun stuff!
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Re: Gobekli Tepe - site of the oldest known religious structures

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So that archaeological site alone disproves Genesis. Got it
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Re: Gobekli Tepe - site of the oldest known religious structures

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This is truly fascinating; thanks for the share!

I too love Graham Hancock's work. I just finished reading Visionary a month ago and it changed my outlook on a lot of things.

If you're not yet familiar, I believe you'll enjoy the YouTube channel called Bright Insight

For example
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Re: Gobekli Tepe - site of the oldest known religious structures

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The video starts out by saying that this has taken the internet by storm. Then goes on to explain that almost nobody has even heard of it.

Could it be.... Just more nonsense on the internet?

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