Is this the end of Inn from the Cold?

Re: Is this the end of Inn from the Cold?

Postby the truth » Mar 6th, 2019, 10:04 am

something needs to be done ----now--
"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." -George Orwell
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Re: Is this the end of Inn from the Cold?

Postby pieinthei » Mar 6th, 2019, 10:26 am

Lore wrote:
pieinthei wrote:this is definitely not the end of it.. just wait till summer comes, and downtown swells with more of them.. then in the fall, another extension because its "getting cold, and they have nowhere to go"..
:cuss: :swear: :cuss: :swear: :cuss: :swear:

Unfortunately I think your right.
How can we stop this cycle?

Lore, if i was to post my solution , the way i feel right now, i'd probably be banned from this forum..
i guess the right answer (to me) again is to house these creatures away from the general law abiding taxpaying population. treat them, train them and REHABILITATE them. once graduated, they can come and join the rest of the productive members of society.. this catch and release program is not working, nor is the whole "bowing down" to them.. why is it that they can rob from us, assault us verbally and physically and get away with it. but when we try to defend ourselves and our property we get shamed.. should be the other way around, ya think?

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Re: Is this the end of Inn from the Cold?

Postby dle » Mar 6th, 2019, 11:13 am

I'm ALL IN for rehabbing, treatment, cessation of drugs. NOW.

One thing we have to keep in mind is, there has been very LITTLE funding in the promotion of rehab facilities, instead mega $$ has been spent on fostering drug addiction with wet houses, safe injection sites, low barrier housing, no charges for crimes committed to get money to feed the habit. This is just a non-starter for me and makes no sense. I've tried to see it from all sides but it is not working - you can't stop bleeding by continuing to cut the wound.

By the time someone is able to get off drugs, some are too far gone to reintegrate into society! Their brains are drug-fried. Even if they were to get off drugs successfully, they might not have the mental capacity any longer to hold down steady jobs, just a few hours here and there might be all they could handle - at least at first. And finding someone to take the chance of hiring them is problematic - they might not have any training to fall back on. We will be supporting most of these people for life - either in a hospital bed as the aftermath of a near-death overdose, or because they have destroyed their brains to the point they are incapable of supporting themselves.

That is why I feel addiction needs to be met head on and in the beginning for treatment or rehab to be of any real good. It has to include job training etc so there is a "life" at some point in the journey. If that means having someone temporarily declared incapable of looking after themselves and housed in mandatory rehab, so be it. I'm all for it. It should be handed down the 2nd time a person appears in Court on a drug-related charge.

We need to spend money on this whole issue but it doesn't end, I don't think, at the end of the addiction (which addiction, as we know, never really ends, with the best of luck it just goes into a form of "remission" if the person is able to get off the drugs - it could rear its ugly head again at anytime throughout the remainder of their lives). The ramifications of drug use are far-reaching and expense will be considerable.

I feel the longer we waste, (yes in my mind it is a waste as long as rehabs are not the priority), our money on wet housing instead of putting up real rehab housing with mandatory treatment, the worse it's going to get. We need to get the addicts into treatment early, when they still have some hope of rejoining society and living a happy life.

We are NOT doing them any favours with wet housing.

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Re: Is this the end of Inn from the Cold?

Postby one wheel » Mar 6th, 2019, 12:01 pm

Another extension, of course because BC Housing & JHS haven't figured out where they can place career criminals that will never work ? JHS doesn't want to move them into shelters that they are promoting as being 'TOP SHELF EXAMPLES' for being perfectly safe in your neighbourhood ?
If BC Housing / JHS / IFTC are allowing or encouraging druggie's from all over BC to relocate to Kelowna, just be honest & say 'yes we do want them' because we get big dollars to house them ?
IMO JHS has totally lost it's moral compass & has forgotten it's mission was to help people recover ?

This problem is not going away & the residents obviously don't matter ?

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Re: Is this the end of Inn from the Cold?

Postby dudemeiser » Mar 7th, 2019, 9:43 am

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