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Postby MAPearce » Jan 27th, 2019, 10:59 am

Those who swim early are smart. How are you suprised?

I'm a workin stiff that starts at 6:30 am . I work outside for 8 hours a day all year round and it gets MORE than cold in the winters .

The last thing on my mind at 5:40 am in the winter is stripping down and getting wet ... Too each their own I suppose and good for the people who keep active . It's a good thing and my job involves heavy lifting , bending and enough stretching to make an elastic band get tuckered just by watching me ..
I payed attention in High school....But not to what they were trying to teach me..

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Re: H2O Centre

Postby Frisk » Jan 27th, 2019, 12:34 pm

Bpeep wrote:Shortly after I came to Canada I got a years gym membership. I walked in, chatted with the young man, signed and paid for the membership, went in, changed and went for my first work out ever.
I figured it would be up there with carrying water.
I finished my workout much more premature than I anticipated. I went to shower and passed out with the warm water cascading over my nude corpse.
When I woke up I dressed and went to the same guy and cancelled .
I went outside into the bitter cold and looked at the donut shop across the street where I spent the next hour inducing guilt.
I never went back to the gym again.
I prefer going to the John over the gym.
Buns of cinnamon are easier and more comforting than buns of steel.


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