Homelessness Meeting

Homelessness Meeting

Postby buttreyphillips » Feb 9th, 2019, 9:08 am

I believe, that to solve the homelessness problem particularly in the downtown area which affects our tourism and our general enjoyment of shopping downtown is simple although expensive. MOVE EVERYTHING.

Move everything away from downtown to a location that is perhaps up in the hills somewhere or rezone some agricultural land and build everything needed right there. I don't just mean out of sight out of mind. There would be ongoing help provided to them. I just am thinking if there are one bedroom units there plus a common place for them to go during the day. The Mission staff could run it and the kitchens providing their food, It would all be there and be self sufficient. The needle exchange could also be there and be staffed with social workers and all the rest of the supported staff including the wonderful volunteers that give of their own time and talents to support the homeless.

There have been places in other countries that have actually set up a way for them to make their own money by using skills they may have had in the past to create things and sell them perhaps in the local thrift stores. It would also have to be staffed with police on site as there is bound to be fighting going on.

There is just no way to solve this problem except to make things better for them to live where the City has decided that services and food will be provided. If there is absolutely nothing in the downtown area to accommodate them it just makes sense that they will move on to where it is.

It's a real mind boggling situation and a very hard one to solve. Some fast action has to be taken. Meetings really at this point are not going to do much good except waste time and money. There should be a movement for the Federal Government to really address this problem head on and give the Provinces a good amount of money which will be distributed as needed to the various Cities and get this done.

I do realize that our taxes would go up but what else is there to do. We all need to do our part in this.

I'm sure there are people that will disagree with me and this is just my opinion.

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Re: Homelessness Meeting

Postby common_sense_guy » Feb 9th, 2019, 10:26 am

I believe there are some Simple Solutions as well that aren't very costly. Give a landowner that has some vacant land a tax break so it could be used for a few years anyway to put campers and small trailers on that people either donate or sell for under $500. Put them all in the same area so Social Services can get to everybody at once and it can be policed easily. All campers and trailers can be fed with propane so their furnaces work all winter and fridges and stoves. Can you imagine how good someone would feel that's trying to get their life back together that doesn't have to stay in the hostel with Thirty other people right beside them when they can have their own little piece of privacy and security . If a homeless person wants their own place they have to Be Drug Free and go to whatever programs we ask them if they want a free safe secure place to live. If they don't want to be drug free then they can stay on the streets as far as I'm concerned. But we need to put the money into programs that can actually help them stay clean and want to stay clean. Without programs at the ready to help them when they need the help and when they want the help anything we do will be pointless and wasted in my opinion. We're wasting too much time in the money coddling them and bring them back to life when most of them don't want to even be brought back to life probably or don't care either way. If they did care about living they be making an attempt to clean up
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Re: Homelessness Meeting

Postby buckland » Feb 10th, 2019, 11:16 am

Googled " Best results to end homelessness in communities" and got these results.
https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/02/ ... melessness

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Re: Homelessness Meeting

Postby Giardinera1 » Feb 11th, 2019, 12:43 pm

When Cardington was up for Council vote, business owners on St. Paul freaked out and claimed the area would fall apart. Years later, St. Paul has only grown and thrived. Some of my favourite shops are around the Ellis, St. Paul Area. One Big Table is a great example. It started out as part of John Howard, and One Big Table has continued their program of paying it forward, in which you can put money on the board and pay for coffee, food for anyone who needs a free ticket. I eat here probably 3 times a week, and so do many of my friends who work in the area. I also have many friends employed by this business, who wouldn't pass the 'physical examination' required by Joeys, Earls, Cactus Club Etc.

Some of my favourite shops in Vancouver are around the Hastings and Main area too. Declines in recent tourism have much more to do with the fact you couldn't breathe the air due to fires. That was the very reason I had for Airbnb cancellations - Zero people mentioned the homeless situation in Kelowna. Pretty sure they would laugh if they're coming from another city. Poverty is a reality for most North American cities organized around the neo-liberal fantasy that wealth can grow exponentially at the top without a corollary of declining opportunities at the bottom. And actually, having a diversity of income levels may help more interesting businesses grow, which helps tourism in the long run. The 'clean' 'safe' down town Kelowna so desired by a notably older section of the population may benefit some businesses, but a downtown Kelowna full of Cactus Clubs, Insurance Companies, Swiss Chalets, Costcos, etc is not enough to sustain a diverse economy, with diverse types of businesses and income levels. If anything, we should be moving those businesses out of dense areas, and ensuring the businesses that do operate there promote cultural activity and interest. BNA is close to Metro, which allows homeless people to hang out with their carts. Has it affected business? No, not at all. Younger generations and business owners are happy to pay less rent to run and visit a businesses closer to 'rougher' areas, because we aren't afraid of homelessness or drug use (some of us have experienced these situations, or our friends have), and we find cookie cutter chains boring. Supportive housing IS the solution to ameliorate homelessness, and building these next to urban areas and business has so far resulted in growth to the areas they've been placed in.

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Re: Homelessness Meeting

Postby Scrobins94 » Feb 11th, 2019, 4:09 pm

A few businesses have closed in Downtown recently. Bliss Bakery (most recently), Raw Athletics, Lens & Shutter....

I suppose it has to do more with online sales and high rent costs than homelessness.

Meanwhile Craft, Lululemon, Burnett's Flowers, and other businesses that are less vulnerable against online competition are thriving.

Build more supportive housing. I don't care where.
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