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Re: Gail Given goes ballistic

PostPosted: Feb 18th, 2021, 12:18 pm
by Mrmarvingardens
Earlier posts ask the question. Why do we have the politicions that we do.
One problem in attracting good candidates for public office is that for the most part, Kelowna is what I refer to as a refugee centre.
A large proportion of the population is escaping from "something"...bad weather, bad marriage, lost job..
They have little interest in the community, simply because of indifference, and/or they are busy trying to survive in a high cost community.Low paying jobs, high rents, high house prices, high gas prices etc etc.,
Then you have the others who use the community to vacation for a few months, parking the bobcat and a shrink wrapped boat in the yard of a house they bought, renting rooms and the converted garage while they live somewhere else.
The latter is what the city officials are attracting.No interest if the community.
Certain individuals scope out where the status and influence lie
Gail Given fits this category.Originally from Wa Wa Ontario, she supports the mayor in Kelown'a home videos, and is rewarded with the sinicures as head of the Regional District Board.
And so it goes.