Radio Host Sues The Lizard

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Re: Radio Host Sues The Lizard

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I always find employee turnover a telling sign. They seem to have a lot.
As was pointed out, you can be geriatric and successful, so I don't get the old bag cashing in angle.
Brother Jake played 'The Champ' for years.
I guess it's okay to go slug the guy? I mean, he's a boxer, so anyone who works with him should be able to pound him, right?
Even if she played the vamp off air, I don't see how that gives every fat old creep the right to treat her like dirt.
And lastly, launching the suit is the death of her broadcasting career, so I doubt she took the move lightly.
Maybe she's not strong enough to be in the biz any more, but that doesn't give a boss a license to keep harassing her.
IF it's true, drum the scumbag out of the business, not her.

Some of you should never be put in charge of anyone ever again.
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Re: Radio Host Sues The Lizard

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I renewed my sirius subscriptions in all vehicles . To many commercials and drivel.
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Re: Radio Host Sues The Lizard

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I'm looking forward to what Ms. Milne has to say in court ? It could well be interesting, even illuminating. There is always two sides to every story and we haven't heard, yet, from management's side. The job environment at Pattison Kelowna has been toxic for years and many people think that this lawsuit is just what is needed.

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