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Postby dogspoiler » Oct 11th, 2016, 6:01 pm

I'll admit that I am taking some things for granted. All of the legal road closures that I have seen consist of some combination of proper signage, fences, posts, gates, and locks.
All of the illegal ones have consisted of a few people throwing various things across the road and telling people they can't go there.
In addition it has been my experience that people with the legal athuority to enforce a legal road closure are identified by badges and uniforms.
Considering these facts, I made a choice. The roadblock was illegal.
If you have evidence to the contrary I will be happy to consider it also.
If beer is not the answer.
You are asking the wrong question.

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Re: Just wow

Postby Abuseofpower » Feb 8th, 2019, 9:51 am

How am I not shocked. He's been coming up all over Terrace FB posts as a complaint from everything to abuse of power (Ex cop who still thinks he's a cop) to conflict of interest into the Missing Womens case. Any families involved with this man looking for their loved ones I urge you to cut ties with him immediately. Ex escorts from the Terrace area are now coming forward and name him as someone who should be looked at as a suspect, not an investigator. Why no one questions as to him not being with the RCMP anymore and why he isn't, is beyond me.
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