Here we go again - throwing $$$ at Coastal forestry

Re: Here we go again - throwing $$$ at Coastal forestry

Postby hobbyguy » Feb 11th, 2019, 12:50 am

^^ ummm... the situations are not analogous.

BC forestry is only constrained by market conditions and supply of raw material. the BC forest industry is NOT constrained by lack of export shipping capability and capacity.

Alberta's oil production is not constrained by market conditions or supply of raw material, it is constrained by lack of export shipping capability.

The federal government has spent a boatload of $$$ on port facilities in BC, with benefits flowing to the BC forest industry. How convenient of an NDP supporter to conveniently forget that.

But then the BC NDP supporters conveniently forget that Ocean Falls was a debacle for the Dave Barrett government, and Skeena Cellulose a complete debacle for the 1990s goofball NDP.

What union busting? Canfor, as an example, is heavily unionized, yet remains a highly profitable company. Nobody "union busted" Canfor.

Reality is reality, No amount of BC NDP pie in the sky nonsense is going to change that, and $$$ thrown at the coastal forest industry are pure waste.
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Re: Here we go again - throwing $$$ at Coastal forestry

Postby twobits » Feb 12th, 2019, 5:08 pm

Terris wrote:It's funny to see the same players here decry the losses of the Alberta oil industry while at the same time throwing the BC forest industry under the bus because they despise an NDP government.

Alberta has their oil industry concerns and BC has forest industry concerns.

I have yet to see the federal government bailout the forest industry to the same extent as the oil industry, but we here in BC are being fed a line about how Alberta's oil industry is in the "national interest".

Why not the same considerations for BC's forest industry?? ... 1.23628235

Someone has to represent the people who do the real, heavy and dangerous, front line forest labour work here.

It certainly has not been the union busting, suit and polished shoes wearing, Cheshire smiling, liberal party pencil pushers with B.Admin degrees who will represent the workers... need to spend some more time getting some book smarts about the BC Forest Industry.
The industry differences between Coastal timber and Interior timber is as stark as the industry difference between metallurgical coal and thermal coal.
To koolaid drinking Tyee subscribers though.....I suppose a log is a log and a lump of coal is a lump of coal.
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