Speed enforcement cameras set to return on Monday

Re: Speed enforcement cameras set to return on Monday

Postby stuphoto » Jul 31st, 2019, 8:29 am

jimmy4321 wrote:I'm for speed cameras, but they can't substitute for a visible police presence.
Why unmarked? impatient idiots driving dangerously to make their way around those driving within the law won't respond to cameras, they do respond to marked police vehicles either parked or riding along a route.

At a point speeding becomes a danger but i'm only guessing its the *bleep* doing dangerous manuvers & accelerating are slowing quickly are a bigger problem.

I crossed over to the West side yesterday, and I was actually impressed by how many police motorcycles and unmarked cars I saw. All with someone pulled over.
Cross back into Kelowna and I saw none.

I saw a motorcycle like you describe last week, passing people on either side, and even riding on the left hand shoulder to get to the Peachland mall quicker.
I hope someone got his plate and reported him.
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