You tell me what's wrong with this picture !!

Re: You tell me what's wrong with this picture !!

Postby Pete Podoski » Aug 8th, 2019, 9:57 am

Free? Nope.

NEW STUDY: Canadian health care isn't free—annual health-care costs for a typical Canadian family eclipse $13,000 this year.

Hi, I'm Justin Trudeau, and I'm riding a bus.
Why? It's not because my $2,000,000 vintage 1960 Mercedes 300SL is in the shop.
It's because it's election time and I need you to believe that I'm just like you and that I actually care.
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Re: You tell me what's wrong with this picture !!

Postby Bismarck » Aug 11th, 2019, 12:01 am

pureblissyoga wrote:I think the better question would be what "premium" services are we so privileged to pay a "premium" for anyways?

I think an even better question would be is why someone making significantly over $42,000 a year is not paying anymore than those making less than that. Since MSP premiums are based on annual net income, low-wage earners are being discriminated against, and as usual, the wealthy are let off the hook. Where is the Human Rights Commission when you need them? I'll tell you where.. protecting the so-called 'rights' of lunatics like Jessica Yaniv.
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Re: You tell me what's wrong with this picture !!

Postby AlienSoldier » Aug 13th, 2019, 7:05 am

If its the same as the University I went to (out of province) then students did not get a free ride. They paid for the premium through additional fee's at the University, which in turn gave them benefits such as for glasses, prescriptions and medical visits.

Also, I agree with the fact that we pay the premiums one way or another. One of the good things from our universal health care system is that we are able to go to the doctor without the fear of paying additional money. This usually means people look for medical support quicker which reduces the risk of spreading infections.
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Re: You tell me what's wrong with this picture !!

Postby ninetyninepct » Aug 28th, 2019, 6:50 pm

buteman wrote:My wife and I are retired Canadians living on a fixed income, at present we pay $ 75.00 per month MSP premiums ,,, just can't figure it out why students from any country can settle in B.C. and only pay $ 37.50 per month for the same coverage ,,

Horgan took the first $75, pretending he was reducing premiums, and created a Small Business payroll tax. Businesses treat that tax as an operating expense, simply add in their markup for a reasonable profit margin, and charge it back to us in their prices. It isn't just the Horgan / Trudeau Carbon Tax that has prices exploding, it is NDP underhanded manipulation of all the taxes they love. Once established, no Government will willingly give up a tax.

Take a look at your car insurance. I pay about $1500 for a 2 yr old car. That is AFTER the fake $1000 safe driver "reduction". My premium is actually $2500. If I was the kind of person to call Horgan and Trudeau liars, I would call them liars, but since I am not the kind of guy to call them liars, I won't call them liars. Instead, in my opinion, what they often say is false.

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