Congratulations Trudeau! You made it! $1 trillion!

Re: Congratulations Trudeau! You made it! $1 trillion!

Postby Smurf » Mar 29th, 2018, 9:18 am

No! That is comparing the facts that we actually have to work from. Trying to say Trudeau is less by comparing a 29 month figure to a 117 month figure is totally wrong.......just saying. I believe you know that, you just like arguing.....just saying.
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Re: Congratulations Trudeau! You made it! $1 trillion!

Postby Blast » Mar 29th, 2018, 11:02 am

For the "person" with all the answers: justincase

1. How much will the Trudeau government reduce emissions with their $50/ton carbon tax?
2. What percentage does Canada contribute to global warming (GHG)?
3. What line items historically has the BC gov't allocated the carbon tax to?

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Re: Congratulations Trudeau! You made it! $1 trillion!

Postby Veovis » Mar 29th, 2018, 12:59 pm

burnedatstake wrote:[
every single write off for a business - is a subsidy. not providing employees with good benefits is a subsidy - especially when it costs the government money. every manipulated or lobbied defeat of raising wages to a rational minimum - is a subsidy. manipulation of politics and elections or members - is a subsidy. the list goes on and on.

OMG if you are going to troll the man, at least get it somewhat coherant.

If a write off is a subsidy but paying lower wages (which are a subsidy according to you) then they actually counteract each other. If he raises wages he gets a larger subsidy there if he lowers wages it's apparently a subsidy as well. Oh my goodness what babble.

Keep trolling him, as you clearly aren't trying to have a discussion, but at least put the tiniest bit of effort into the trolling, otherwise he's just going to point out that "NDP/LEAPers are even to lazy to troll right"....he will trust me.

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