Rae's recommendations

Rae's recommendations

Postby Snman » Apr 3rd, 2018, 7:28 pm

https://www.castanet.net/edition/news-s ... htm#222653

Hey Bob, contrary to what most liberals think, Canadians are not made of money. From 45 million to 600 million in 4 years? Where does it end? Sheesh.
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Re: Rae's recommendations

Postby Catsumi » Apr 3rd, 2018, 7:51 pm

Three months ago I predicted that this would come about during Rae's first junket over there.

I see tonight on CBC news that they are selling this Rohingya financial support and rescue big time.

Looks like we are to be the World's Welfare Head Office. We have lots of cash to throw around, right? :-X
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