Trudeau “Demonstrably” Lying About Pipeline Development

Re: Trudeau “Demonstrably” Lying About Pipeline Development

Postby Snowbound » Apr 10th, 2018, 3:45 pm

There is a reason PetroCanada failed. Crown Corps can't compete with private industry. Bloated bureaucracy, multiple levels of grossly overpaid management, lazy entitled unionized workforce.....pretty much like every other crown corp or government in Canada.

If they could get their *bleep* together and run it like a legit business, I'd 100% support a nationalized energy program. But without shareholder accountability, it will run away into the ditch just like PetroCanada did. Or ICBC, etc.

Trudeau will continue to diddle around until the pipeline is dead and buried. I will be absolutely shocked if he or Notley actually acts on it. She could grind BC to a halt by shutting off all jet fuel and diesel shipping in the existing line.

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Re: Trudeau “Demonstrably” Lying About Pipeline Development

Postby hobbyguy » Apr 11th, 2018, 4:50 pm

Gone_Fishin wrote:I don't think nationalisation is the answer. Never has been. Best to imprison Horgan and Weaver and their violent followers, and get on with the business of building our economy through free enterprise investment.

I don't think either Notley or Trudeau is intending nationalizing the pipeline. But given the anarchist BC LEAP and Greens playing obstructionist, it seems to me that a temporary stake, until the pipeline is built, will work. Kinda like the GM shares. Hold the shares, take the risk, and then when the pipeline is up and running sell the shares. Nationalizing is taking over a viable business, and that isn't really what this is. Private investors are getting antsy, the financiers are getting antsy. So a temporary ownership stake by governments adds certainty.

One thing for sure, if the feds take an ownership position, it tells hapless Horgan and the LEAPers that they are in for a long fight, and that federal transfer $$$ may be hard to come by. The NDG is fragile cobbled together dinghy, and they can not withstand the combined storm coming at them.

Pretty sure that many of the feds, Liberal, Conservative, and NDP understand that most of BC wants to see the pipeline built and with that a crushing of the US funded LEAPers. Canadians first, BC residents second. Go Canada!
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Re: Trudeau “Demonstrably” Lying About Pipeline Development

Postby Ka-El » Apr 12th, 2018, 4:06 pm

hobbyguy wrote: Canadians first, BC residents second...

... and American lobbyists dead last, ie. not at all. We've seen by looking south just what a travesty to democracy occurs when lobby groups control government and the formulation of social or economic policy. Lobby groups have their place, but they can not be allowed to pressure governments to act outside of the best interests of the collective majority.
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