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Re: Walmart, Amazon, etc.

PostPosted: Dec 11th, 2018, 8:42 pm
by common_sense_guy
OKkayak wrote:
WalterWhite wrote:Maybe, just maybe he actually is the useless waste of skin his boss called him out as. Maybe, just maybe he's just another entitled millennial thinking a profitable big box store owes him more than the part-time minimum wage job he signed up for, but does nothing to educate and better himself to make himself more of an asset to his employer. Just another self-attention seeker through social media. Don't let the door hit you on the *bleep* on the way out Jackson.

It doesn't matter if he was a useless employee or not, he did the right thing and quit. Better than staying there and pointing the finger at everyone else and demanding what he doesn't deserve. :up:

Yes he did the right thing by quitting but to make a big scene and air his dirty laundry in public like that. Very unprofessional and a kid like that is going nowhere in life with his attitude.. I'm guessing with a few people on here are suggesting that he's probably a useless employee and expects more than what he earns. Of course the news is going to jump on it cuz it's interesting and all the armchair Warriors are going to say good for you kid way to stick up for yourself. But none of you know what his work ethic was like or how he performed his job .was he an efficient and professional worker or just another one of the many young people working with no concept of what work is or how to help people in a polite manner. The kind that would rather talk to their fellow employee than help you find what you're looking for. But guessing from his rant I'm guessing he's not very professional at all. that boy will probably be living at home for the next 40 years

Re: Walmart, Amazon, etc.

PostPosted: Dec 20th, 2018, 8:19 am
by BGrigg07
the truth wrote:could be, would be nice to know, if he was a good or bad employee

He quit his job using expletives over the intercom. I'd say bad employee.

My own son just quit working at Walmart, and he simply collected his last cheque and walked out with his head high.