New Jobs

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New Jobs

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Wow this is very interesting, and will definitely create new jobs. ... u_fF2_urg7

“ CALGARY — A small, Saskatoon-based company has drilled and fracked the world’s first 90-degree horizontal well for geothermal power in a potentially landmark move that signals the arrival of a new energy source in Canada and provides fresh opportunities for oil and gas workers to apply their skills in renewable power.

No company in Canada has produced electricity from geothermal heat, but Deep Earth Energy Production Corp. chief executive officer Kirsten Marcia told the Financial Post that there’s a “big, big future for geothermal power in Western Canada,” as demonstrated by the results of the first ever horizontal geothermal well, which is also the deepest horizontal well ever drilled in Saskatchewan.“
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Re: New Jobs

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I don't give a damn whether people/posters like me or dislike me, I'm not on earth to win any popularity contests.

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