Why you always lyin'?

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Re: Why you always lyin'?

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lesliepaul wrote:..........because that is how I was raised.
..........I was never scolded as a child for any wrongdoings.........only praised as a "little angel".
..........I was continually told growing up how I was smarter than all the other kids.
..........I was always told I could be whatever I want to be when I grew up.
..........I was told as a child when I grew up "people would hear me roar".
..........I was always told my name would be "in lights some day".

They were right, that day arrived..........

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I don't think the spray painting was sexist. It was obviously a Scot. They call anyone that they don't like that word as well as a few other choice ones, male or female. Freedom and Whisky!
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Re: Why you always lyin'?

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The convicted criminal Guilbeault was lyin'. Why them Liberals always lyin'?

Indeed, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault has repeatedly framed C-10 as a way to regulate streaming services such as Netflix and Crave while leaving social media alone. He told the House of Commons just last month that “we’re not particularly interested in … when my great-uncle posts pictures of his cats.” But in a House of Commons Heritage committee meeting Friday the social media clause was deleted. When confronted on the change, Guilbeault said that it was always their plan to regulate “online platforms that act as broadcasters.”

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What a frikken creep. He should be back in jail, not making Hitleresque laws to censor our speech.


Biden to yell “C’mon Man” repeatedly until oil imports increase.

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