Liberals' carbon tax explained and debunked

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Re: Liberals' carbon tax explained and debunked

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Justin Trudeau must go. Regular working people can't afford his high tax/uncontrolled spending. We desperately need to get our fiscal house in order, and raising taxes and spending more is NOT the way to do it.

ESKENASI: Things won’t just cost more, you’ll make less in 2021

The government has decided to go ahead with increasing the carbon tax despite the ongoing pandemic – this means many everyday items will cost you more.

To make matters worse – did you know that the government is increasing CPP premiums at the same time?

Sam Eskenasi says that the government’s reckless spending before the pandemic is partly to blame for the current financial mess. ... s-in-2021/

Biden to yell “C’mon Man” repeatedly until oil imports increase.
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Re: Liberals' carbon tax explained and debunked

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GordonH wrote:
indianlarry66 wrote: Im upset that the libs wont go far enough , fast enough. this is real a con lite plan . jt is more rightwing than erin could dream of .
If so then jt had better start having hydrogen stations built fast.

Because there is no way in hell I will be purchasing EV.
You need an energy source to create hydrogen in the form of heat or electricity. The energy required to create electricity has to come from somewhere - hydroelectric, coal, natural gas, or nuclear. Mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen are also highly explosive - with detonation velocities of 3,000 m/s or more.
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Re: Liberals' carbon tax explained and debunked

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