Danielle Smith announces departure from Corus radio

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Danielle Smith announces departure from Corus radio

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Another victim of Trudeau's political censorship.

Another strong woman silenced by the misogynistic left wing.

What a sad state of affairs this country has descended into over the past 5 years.
Danielle Smith announces departure from Corus radio

I took a walk in the snow and I decided it’s time to go. I’ll be leaving the radio stations and Corus next month. This is my decision. I know many of you will be disappointed so I’ll try my best to explain why.


It will be no surprise to you that I am gravely troubled by how easily most in our society have chosen to give up on freedom. Free enterprise, freedom of religion and conscience, free assembly, freedom of movement, freedom of the press. Freedom of speech, in particular, is in a dire state. My entire adult life and career has been spent questioning authority and institutions and conventional wisdom. I’ve been all too aware that in many nations of the world it is against the law to speak truth to power. It can be dangerous. Sadly, in the last year I’ve noticed there are times where it has become perilous here too.

I am grateful I have been given so much editorial latitude and the ability to touch on a great many topics by the radio stations and by extension Corus. In that regard I have sought to be balanced and to provide the best information available from as many perspectives as possible.

Unfortunately over the last few years far too many topics have become unchallengeable and the mob of political correctness thinks nothing of destroying a person’s career and reputation over some perceived slight, real or imagined. I’ve found that as a result there are many topics I simply choose not to cover anymore.

You rely on me to seek the truth and to give you my honest opinion. In this hyper-sensitive social media environment I don’t believe I can do that anymore. So it’s time for me to go.

I do believe there is going to be a great reckoning in the next several years as we come to terms with what we’ve allowed social media to do to our relationships, our society, and our public discourse.

https://globalnews.ca/news/7568250/dani ... orus-radio

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Re: Danielle Smith announces departure from Corus radio

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It’s almost impossible to be a champion of free speech and diversity of opinion in Canada and keep a job in the corporate/government media. Smith probably should have conceded defeat years ago.

If there is an up side to her self-censorship/departure, Corus Radio now stands a better chance of getting handouts from Ottawa.
The biggest problem of censorship is that it tends to be the last resort of the ideologically arrogant and intellectually lazy … A day spent in defense of freedom of speech is a day spent in the company of bigots and hate mongers. – Omid Malekan

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