Bell Canada layoffs.

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Bell Canada layoffs.

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Cuts at Bell Media have impacted at least two local employees ... ees#323836

Bell Media lays off 210 employees in Toronto area, half from newsrooms: union ... s-toronto/

Then this was in the news.
But the biggest item in MPs’ crosshairs was Bell’s confirmation that it has taken $122 million in pandemic-related labour subsidies despite posting strong financial results and boosting dividend payouts to shareholders.
Along with several other big telecom companies in 2020, Bell availed itself of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, a federal program that covers a portion of employees’ salaries in order to keep those workers from being laid off. The company also raised quarterly dividends throughout the year and is expected to again increase its fourth-quarter payout ... -dividends
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Re: Bell Canada layoffs.

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Wonder how much of Trudeau's $600 million gift to his preferred media friends went to boost wealthy Bell shareholders' dividends and executives' bonuses?

Biden to yell “C’mon Man” repeatedly until oil imports increase.

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