Canada's 2001 climate forecasts

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Canada's 2001 climate forecasts

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But but the science is settled, If you don't trust the lab coats you’re ignorant. Amazing as the decades go by just another scam rebranded and refurbished.

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Re: Canada's 2001 climate forecasts

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Really interesting video and not surprising to me at all. I do not believe everything our politicians say when it comes to the Earth as its own biosphere. No computer modelling can take into account everything that goes on on the earth that can adjust weather and temperature . There are far too many variables for them to downright make the Assumption it is only humans changing the environment.
One interesting thing I noted. They mention how the Prairie crops will start declining from global warming. I believe they will start declining but it won't be from global warming it will be from using all the round up and killing the beneficial microbes in the soil. Did you know a majority of crops grown on are prairies are killed at the end of crop season with Roundup so it all dies at the same time to make processing easier. We are all eating Roundup. You got to think that's causing cancer all the way down the line in us.
Our farming practices are killing our soil's ability to absorb carbon dioxide and use it for the plants. I suggest everybody look up a documentary called kiss the ground narrated by Woody Harrelson that talks about the farming industry and what we are actually doing to our soil.that is going to be worse than what they think global warming will do.
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Re: Canada's 2001 climate forecasts

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The government's climate predictions are about as good as Trudeau's vaccine procurement. Epic Fail.

Biden to yell “C’mon Man” repeatedly until oil imports increase.
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Re: Canada's 2001 climate forecasts

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If only real climate changes were as easy to foresee as the damage that inept governments were bound to inflict in their rush to address the over-hyped dangers predicted by some GIGO climate computer models. Unnecessary fuel economy edicts, carbon taxes and ill-considered regulations continue to increase the costs of transportation and food prices, and the failure of manufacturing industries in countries silly enough to impose costly ‘green’ energy schemes has been hastened.

OTOH, the beneficial effects of slightly higher levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide such as improved crop yields and a general greening of the planet are predictions that have been shown to be accurate, but are seldom mentioned.
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Re: Canada's 2001 climate forecasts

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What's going on here? I thought that the climate models indicated that this was impossible by 2021?? Could they have been wrong??? weird...
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Re: Canada's 2001 climate forecasts

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Canada is well known to have one of the worst climate models in the world (therefore worst modelers?) After 20 years, CanESM2 should be called fake news rather than a reliable model.

They are used to justify fuel poverty.

The CANESM2 model was created by Weaver et colleagues at the University of Victoria over a ten-year period at a cost of millions in taxpayer money. Afterwards, Weaver left UVic to enter British Columbia politics in 2012 as a Green party member. ... ate-model/

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