Look North for Canada’s future

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Look North for Canada’s future

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Look North for Canada’s future

In the 1850s, the call to action that held promise and purpose was Go West.

Now, in this decade, it’s time for a new direction: Canadians need to Look North, and support North, for the future strength of this country.

We need to invest in full-stream infrastructure in northern communities and for Indigenous communities and Indigenous peoples.

I know the communities are ready, and if we answer the call to Look North, we will have the resources to support Canada and embolden a more self-sufficient nation.

There are many positive, shared-value models across the country with progressive resource developers and Indigenous communities working together. We can forge this same path throughout the North.

By providing northern communities the same electrical infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure, roads, wastewater and water infrastructure as southern communities, we can then work together to develop natural resources sustainably.

We have legislation to ensure First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities have a strong voice in development.

https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/o ... &ocid=iehp
I believe any resource development project will require the full buy-in and support of whatever First Nations Band will be impacted by that project. That being said, there is obviously opportunity in the north, and with Arctic warming and ice melt we could consider moving resources through northern ports designed specifically for that purpose (year by year it continues to get warmer up here with milder and milder winters). First Nations would likely have strict criteria for environmental and safety controls and combined with our own growing awareness and willingness to accommodate we might even be able to get a pipeline project completed. It will be important that we don’t just look at our territories and the Arctic as some resource rich wasteland that we can just go in and drill or dig up. The north could very well be the new frontier, but we will have to be able to learn lessons from our past regarding both sustainability and indigenous relationships.
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Re: Look North for Canada’s future

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no, you dont want to do that
Dont go North

Full of swamp monsters ...& frostbite
...and all sorts of PLAGUE ! - Brutal.

Plague riddled, frost bitten swamp monsters

Better to just please stay away.
The adventure continues...

No good story ever started with; "So i stayed home."
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Re: Look North for Canada’s future

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Article is a bit light on detail, basically "build northern infrastructure cause it'll be super!"

The admittedly very tiny, minute possibility exists that the infrastructure is adequate... and there's lack of investment because of the regulatory hurdles in place.
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Re: Look North for Canada’s future

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Lot’s of good reason to look north for resource development and export, but we will need a government with vision and willing to do the hard work in building partnership relations with northern communities. This would be a start …
NDP leader Jagmeet Singh says he's pushing to fix issues that affect northerners

The federal NDP leader says he wasn't surprised by the auditor general's report on Thursday which slammed the federal government for not doing enough to ensure Indigenous communities have access to clean drinking water.

"It definitely makes me sad," Jagmeet Singh said of the report's findings.

"The auditor general's report points out that there were many Band-Aid solutions and that things are no better now after six years of being in power when it comes to communities being able to access clean drinking water."

While Singh has pledged not to trigger an election while the country fights the COVID-19 pandemic, he said during an interview with host of CBC North's The Trailbreaker Loren McGinnis on Friday that he's pushing to fix issues that affect northerners.

https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/n ... li=AAggNb9
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Re: Look North for Canada’s future

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