Are government disclaimer I would love to see mandatory

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Are government disclaimer I would love to see mandatory

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Wouldn't it be interesting if the government had to verbally make a disclaimer every time they were offering up money to businesses or individuals or any group or anything in the form of a grant or fund that the government was paying for, to preface it by saying " this money of course does come out of every taxpayers pocket".

What made me chuckle was hearing all the ads that must be the Liberals putting out offering covid-19 help, how to rehire staff and we're going to help you with that. Well it's us the taxpayer that is paying for it but not a lot of people realize that it seems.

Maybe if they could have admitted or realized a long time ago the mortality rate of the corona 19 virus wasn't so bad we would have done the smart thing and isolated the people that were most at risk and didn't kill our economies. But now they're you want to look like Heroes by offering all this money that we're all paying for in the long run but they get to figure out who gets it. When has the government deciding who gets taxpayers money ever really worked out in the taxpayers favour
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