Paul Bernardo denied parole

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Re: Paul Bernardo denied parole

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Send Bernardo to the Texas border with Mexico, where he can live in a cage like the thousands of kids currently being housed down there and being fed rotting food. That would be a just treatment for such a scumbag.
Justin Trudeau- racist, elitist, liar. What a sick piece of garbage.

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Re: Paul Bernardo denied parole

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Perfect timing... as Bernardo's parole attempt begins to fade in the collective memories of Canadians, another fine citizen, David Shearing (now going by David Ennis, [What's the problem David, something you're not proud of or linked to the name "Shearing" ???]) is seeking day parole.

Yes, yes,,, we need to show Shearing some kindness. He's really, deep down, a great fellow. It was just a mistake,,, he wanted to rape and torture two young girls and you just know the mom, dad, grandmother and grandfather would object, so they had to go. Once used and abused,,, bye bye girls.

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