The Beginning of Harvesting the Lowest Hanging Fruit

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The Beginning of Harvesting the Lowest Hanging Fruit

Post by oldtrucker » ... their-CERB

I had a feeling the price would be too high for some that collected CERB. I think we will be seeing the easiest targets- the ones like seniors, persons with disabilities, low income etc told to pay back CERB or have other services clawed back. It wont be the higher up branches- the asset class or the middle class that will be told to pay it back- it will be the ones that are barely hanging on....the easiest, lowest hanging fruit. The logic will be that different depts don't communicate or it will be that the info that people were given was 'a mistake'. It will be the people that fear not being able to eat next month due to them being reliant on other programs- if they anger Caesar.
Two people I know that collected CERB were eligible even though they are on disability( prov disability ,I think) - they worked enough to qualify. Suggested to them to record the conversations they had with the different govt depts and workers in the event of the 'lowest hanging fruit' being harvested....Pretty sure they didn't take my suggestion seriously...maybe all will be okay....we'll see. I had a funny feeling about this CERB thing last year, and this could be this is just the beginning of the harvest.
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Re: The Beginning of Harvesting the Lowest Hanging Fruit

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If your friends worked while on PWD and made at least $5,000 in the previous 12 months they were eligible for the CERB, CRB or a combination of both and won't see any clawback on their monthly cheque.
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