GoFundMe and news

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GoFundMe and news

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What will it take to get an unbiased news source asking the questions that we all need answered. A news source that doesn't try and skew things one way or another. Or make sensationalized headlines based on some survey that they don't tell you the parameters for. In my opinion society as a whole is losing its ability to critically think and analyze the things that are being said by media left and media right. We are not being served an unbiased opinion anywhere in my belief. Unfortunately a lot of people don't understand how biased any news source can tend to be. Unfortunately greed in every aspect of every money-making endeavour is winning out. We need an unbiased news source that can bring the truth to people to let us make our own decisions. A media that is not afraid to ask the questions that benefit the majority of society and not just the politicians or the big corporations or big Pharma or excetera. If you can critically think you know what I'm talking about. Please speak up. Agree or disagree but let's get a dialogue going. Thank you
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Re: GoFundMe and news

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Why are some news sources not allowed to attend the leader's debates ?
Simply stated, censorship.
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