Alberta: UCP backbench rebellion increases

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Alberta: UCP backbench rebellion increases

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The big story in the national media has been about Kenney declaring that hospitals are off-limits to anti-mask/anti-vax demonstrators. But even stranger is the group of Kenney's UCP MLAs defying him. Even the Speaker of the Legislature. And there is a group evolving in the UCP who want to just ignore Federal laws. ... -1.5603846 ... overeignty
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Re: Alberta: UCP backbench rebellion increases

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These clowns don't even get as far asking themselves "and then what?" - let alone being able to answer.

The TMX would not be without Ottawa overriding the objections of goofy George Heyman (he is just as goofy as this lot are) and fibber John Horgan. So if Alberta declares "sovereignty" why not goofy George and his sidekick Horgan?

I guess these clowns figure they can move stuff by rowboat on the Bow. What next? An Alberta Navy? Send Jason to Washington in a clown suit to tell Biden to get a goin' on the XL??

There must be something amiss with the water these UCP clowns are drinking.
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