Reform/Progressive Conservative crack forms

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Re: Reform/Progressive Conservative crack forms

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Things just keep getting worse for the disastrously crumbling CPC under O'Toole. Whenever it seems that the CPC couldn't possibly embarrass itself any more, O'Toole finds another carton of eggs to throw all over his already stinking party.

What an embarrassing time to be conservative.
Erin O’Toole’s Tories make Justin Trudeau’s life easy

At a news conference on Monday as Parliament resumed, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh complained that in a time of pandemic, floods in B.C. and high costs of living, all Canadians hear from the Conservatives are the party’s demands for “special treatment” to avoid vaccination.

“They should be embarrassed,”
Mr. Singh said.

But the thing is, the Conservatives already are embarrassed.
At least, many Conservatives are. This “are-you-vaccinated” stuff has made some believe the party sympathizes with vaccine hesitancy. Erin O’Toole, the party’s leader, has been embarrassed over and over.

And certainly, Mr. O’Toole and most of his caucus of MPs would very much like the Canadian public to hear other things about the Conservative Party besides speculation about MPs’ vaccination status. But the party just can’t seem to let go. It just can’t seem to tell the world that all its MPs are vaccinated – or conversely, that X number remain unvaccinated, with an explanation.

So it was no surprise that Mr. Singh and the Liberal ministers came back to Parliament hoping to stir up that pot. Yet Mr. O’Toole’s party still didn’t have a simple answer. ... life-easy/
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Re: Reform/Progressive Conservative crack forms

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conservatives are naturally more highly evolved than leftist Liberals and NDPers. God bestowed a more resistant immune system on conservatives and they don't require the vaccines that the weak Liberal and NDP immune systems require. Therefore, there are some Conservatives in the House this week without vaccinations. It's because they don't need them and thankfully there are doctors who will give them an exemption from vaccines.
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Re: Reform/Progressive Conservative crack forms

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bob vernon wrote: Nov 23rd, 2021, 11:24 am conservatives are naturally more highly evolved than leftist Liberals and NDPers.
And far more intelligent too!

Erin is by far the best leader of any party in our government, and he's doing a fantastic job. So much smarter than his opponents. Great job Erin! :up:
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