Let the Gerrymandering Begin

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Let the Gerrymandering Begin

Post by Glacier »

Alberta gets 3 new seats and BC 1. Quebec loses 1 and Ontario gains 1. Now the fight is on with respect to how to draw the lines... https://www.thestar.com/politics/politi ... tarts.html
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Re: Let the Gerrymandering Begin

Post by bb49 »

Quebec will not be pleased losing federal clout in Ottawa.

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Re: Let the Gerrymandering Begin

Post by nucksRnum1 »

I like Althea. She is a consultant on CBC all the time. I know she is conservative - but she has to be balanced. It's her job. She didn't revel in the possibility of conservatives having outright votes just because there will be new boundaries. She was realistic in noting the fact that urban voters are being pushed further out of the city because of affordability. This means liberal voters will have an effect on more conservative boundaries outside the cities. Conservatives need to stop living in the past and work very hard to become relevant to all Canadians. Otherwise, they will continue to fail to capture the imagination of voters that are on the fence about conservatism.

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