Another Trudeau appointee fosters toxic workplace

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Another Trudeau appointee fosters toxic workplace

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Justin's hand-picked boy follows Payette's example.

Read the article. It's damning.

Departing officials complain Commons clerk was partial to Liberals, fell asleep during question period

The House of Commons Clerk Charles Robert is being accused of acting in a partisan fashion that favours the Liberals along with other allegations that include sleeping in the chamber during question period and presiding over a disrespectful workplace, CBC News has learned.

A series of written complaints and letters to the Speaker viewed by CBC show that five senior managers who worked closely with Robert started raising concerns on behalf of their staff in 2018.

CBC News also spoke to 10 sources with knowledge of the inner workings of Robert's office who corroborated the complaints and provided additional examples.


Multiple sources said Robert disclosed the outcome of the ruling to the Liberals and asked the party what the best time of day would be for the Speaker to deliver it so it would not disrupt the government's agenda of the day.

In order to remain nonpartisan, neither the clerk nor any member of the clerk's staff is permitted to reveal the outcome of a ruling ahead of time. It's also against normal practice to negotiate the timing of a ruling's release with just one party which could have given it a strategic advantage.


Rather than promoting Marc Bosc, who was the acting clerk at the time, the Trudeau government departed from past practice of promoting from within and launched a competition.

Robert was selected because of his "vast knowledge of rules, procedures, practices and precedent" over 35 years of public service, the Prime Minister's Office said when it announced his appointment. Robert started his career in the House before going to work at the Senate in 1991.

Former clerk Robert Marleau publicly criticized the approach the government took to the nomination process, which included a four-person panel from the PMO, Privy Council Office and House leader's office, the Hill Times reported. Marleau said it was the first time in almost 40 years the government had acted unilaterally and argued the House should have more control of the appointments, the newspaper reported.


The complainants wrote that they witnessed Robert fall asleep in the chamber during Question Period "very regularly, in fact often daily." That time of the day is typically the most intense time of the day for the clerk. Multiple other sources also corroborated that this frequently happened and was seen by pages as well.

Robert's job is to stay alert and constantly monitor what goes on in the House so he's in a position to advise the Speaker if an issue arises. That includes watching to see if anyone crosses a line with a question or unparliamentary language. Multiple sources said others have had to step in to fill that role. ... -1.6243826

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Re: Another Trudeau appointee fosters toxic workplace

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Seems to be as common as flies in an outhouse.
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Re: Another Trudeau appointee fosters toxic workplace

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bb49 wrote: Nov 14th, 2021, 11:33 am Seems to be as common as flies in an outhouse.
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Justin Trudeau- racist, elitist, liar. What a sick piece of garbage.

"Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace to any democracy. Please spare us your presence" - European Union addressing the sad sack of **** that is currently our PM.

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