A Heads Up About The US Border

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Re: A Heads Up About The US Border

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I Think wrote: Jan 13th, 2022, 4:46 pm A commrnt on the dysfunction of the border control, one of the border people decided to announce that the mandatory vaccination requirement for cross border truckers had been waived.
Head office came out today saying that the mandate remains in effect.
Some of the border guys are so lazy that they do not bother reading the Memo's that are sent out when rules change, with the net effect that the rules are whatever the border guy says they are.
agreed.. have had that,problem for years...
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Re: A Heads Up About The US Border

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Maybe a way around the BS....
Don't quote me on this but I think commercial reasons for crossing may be allowed.
So I'm implying that if you have a legit business like a lone proprietership, numbered company, etc, they will let you go back and forth for freight.
i haven't dug down to find that out or what's involved. I worked as an OHS contractor in AB and it was simple; company name, GST number, WCB and number, off you go. Just make sure you please Rev Can because they'll make your life utter hell if you owe them .$.10.
So, seeing I was blessed with the 'random traveller DIY PCR test' by the *bleep* off guard I should be good to boogie back and forth when I get the positive results no?
Just occured to me I got a FREE test [icon_lol2.gif] like I really wanted one! :swear:

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