Rent communists!

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Re: Rent communists!

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It must be a Niberal thing. [icon_lol2.gif]
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Re: Rent communists!

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Immigration increase was done as the baby boomers retiring and leaving the work force is outpacing those going into the workforce. They need this to be balanced as all those cpp payments are going to be due to those retiring and they need contributions in to keep up with contributions out. It was the governments solution to this problem. Now this has caused the housing issue and the government is chasing their tails trying to fix issues they've created from finding a solution to one problem but creating others IMO.

Yes cost of living has gone up, it has been the same for generations before us. Our parents/grandparents worked hard, lived modestly, new clothes were hand me downs, meals cooked at home, people were efficient and grew what they could in make-shift gardens, there were no extras, no vacations. You were lucky to get one gift under the tree at Christmas and holidays were about family time. Nights out were at the neighbors playing cards and sipping on homemade wine. The fact that there are far more convenient options today for living and entertainment that open our wallets which is far more tempting than sitting at home and sacrificing for the future. No one gets a free ride in this world, and if you are then you're riding off the back of someone else who is working twice as hard to carry you. How is that fair? People renting assume small LL are raking in the money but it's just not the case, most are also barely scraping by.

However the solutions proposed by the niberals is short sighted like the many solutions that have been proposed.
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