European Refugee Crisis...

Re: European Refugee Crisis...

Postby the truth » Jan 9th, 2019, 1:40 pm

Glacier wrote:Sexually assaulted by a migrant. Gets charged for physically defending herself. ... g-her.html

sick just sick............
"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." -George Orwell
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Re: European Refugee Crisis...

Postby bernie428 » Jan 9th, 2019, 6:30 pm

The Green Barbarian wrote:
bernie428 wrote:
What he showed was an interest in proper, concise and truthful information.

This is just *bleep*. What is "proper and truthful information" exactly? News that comes from the alt-left? That appears to be the only "proper" source for the brainwashed left. What I saw was a typical lazy response to a statement - immediately question the source, rather than find anything to refute the statement. Are you saying that it is "proper and concise" to say that no girls are being raped in Sweden? That police aren't overwhelmed? Are you able to find anything "Truthful" to back this up? Or are you no better than this girl, who protested and was successful in keeping a convicted child and wife beater from being deported from Sweden:

Wow, just wow, unbelievable, even from you.

The original post quoted a site called Jewish News.
It's an insult to Jewish people. A click bait one sided piece of trash.
I couldn't even tell you if it's right or left, it was just propaganda and one-sided garbage.
But the poster often posts this kind of stuff, so I didn't bother looking at it.
When I did, it was the low level drivel I originally suspected. Maybe worse.

I thought Rupert gave a proper polite, reasonable response,
What I objected to was the poster calling him anti-semitic, etc.
The response wasn't racist or anything of the like. He provided a link that he thought disputed the claim.
The response wasn't.
Isn't the instant cry of racist the ploy of your hated left?
Isn't that a way for people to actually be racist, by crying wolf when anyone opposes them?
Is the Israeli government to allowed to be critiqued like we do our own, the US, etc.?

Your accusations are ridiculous.
I have no evidence that that didn't happen.
In fact, a quick search says they have issues with sexual assault and outsiders.
However, I doubt that the police would let something so heinous go unchallenged.
Most importantly, that website gave me no reason to believe it.
Am I saying no girls got raped in Sweden? Where the hell did I say that? I didn't even infer it!
Did I say there was no problem? Nope.
As always, what I object to is BS, lying memes, false information, and alt left/alt right garbage.

I objected to the posting of garbage,
And I objected to the posting that called a reasonable response racist because it questioned a pathetic post.
And he provided a link.
Try it.
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