Fake news? Look to the right

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Re: Fake news? Look to the right

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Verum wrote: Jun 29th, 2018, 1:10 pm
averagejoe wrote:Oh ya the leftist fact checker....Ok

You could have checked with snopes while your at it.... :D
Yes, Snopes is also a good fact checker. But facts aren't biased, politically left, etc. they're just facts. Just because you don't like the facts doesn't mean that we can dismiss them as biased. Actually, you can dismiss facts as being irrelevant, if that's what you wish to do, but most of us still want to live in a world where facts are more important than what people want to believe. If that makes me a leftist in your strange definition of the term, so be it.
Yep, agreed with what you getting at. Unfortunately here we are today. Media giants taking sides, obvious bias for certain political parties, all with the quest for their own personal gain, altering them, sometimes maybe in minor ways, but never less, all to feed mis represented facts to the hungry. Find a media source that isnt biased.
Left or right of politics' shouldn't be our concern, it should be that we have arrived at a place where all information, all factual information is biased as they chose to adjust it, highlight it, treat it with different morals, ethics so the end result is tainted fact.
Something that is very different to all this is the fact that for some reason, left politics have made an actual political platform out of canceling everyone else's media if it doesn't support their propaganda.
Note, I'm not extreme left or right, just one of the many that actually realize this has gotten to its own level of extremism.
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Re: Fake news? Look to the right

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Both of them are the same at one level and that is cash. They will both pander to their echo chamber followers because that produces clicks and those produce advertiser dollars. I If you think people will not embellish the truth for money your living in a very happy place.
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Re: Fake news? Look to the right

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Re: Fake news? Look to the right

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m20 wrote: Mar 21st, 2023, 7:06 pm More bad new for Fox not to report
https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/us/fox-n ... e332&ei=20
Who cares about that! What I really hate is all that fake news Fox keeps spewing. You know stories about drag queens shows in front of children, how the lefties are helping children transition, books featuring sexual acts in children's libraries, open borders, record fentanyl deaths, record inflation, man made global warming... Yeah, All Fake [icon_lol2.gif] [icon_lol2.gif]
"How can this be considered acceptable behavior for the President?"
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Re: Fake news? Look to the right

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Fox reported on and had several high profile commentators talking about this story... it's too bad they didn't research it all and then had to have Laura Ingraham issue a retraction on behalf of the network.

The right is now just fabricating stories and then right wing media reports on it without bothering to look into it at all.

https://www.foxnews.com/media/no-eviden ... m-migrants
Despite initial reports amplifying the claims, there has been no evidence found to back up claims that ex-military members were booted from several New York hotels to make room for migrants being transported in from a recent border surge.

All of the hotels accused, along with Orange County, N.Y., Assemblyman Brian Maher, denied the claims that were initially made by the CEO of a non-profit dedicated to giving aid to veterans.

Initially, it was reported that two dozen homeless veterans had been booted from upstate hotels to make room for migrants based on claims from the Yerik Israel Toney [YIT] Foundation CEO and disabled veteran Sharon Toney-Finch.

Toney-Finch alleged that the veterans her group was paying to house at these hotels reached out to her to say that they had "been placed in another hotel due to what’s going on with the immigrants."

As she claimed, the veterans were being booted from the Crossroads Hotel in Newburgh, New York, and from the Super 8 and Hampton Inn & Suites in Middletown, N.Y.

According to Maher and the named hotels, however, Toney-Finch’s story wasn't true.

Maher, who initially believed the allegations, concluded Toney-Finch was lying about her claims. She admitted it when he asked her to show him receipts proving that the non-profit had paid for the veterans’ initial housing, and she couldn’t.

He told the New York Post Thursday: "I asked her to give her permission to the bank to release the information. She denied authorization. After two minutes, I called her back and explained how I was feeling about not being able to see that information, and then I asked her if that was something she made up, and that’s when she really had a hard time getting the words out."

He stated, "but she did reveal to me that this is not something that took place."

Maher claimed he was severing all ties to the non-profit in the wake of the unproven allegations and calling for the New York attorney general to investigate the claims.

Corroborating Maher’s claim to the outlet, the manager of the Crossroads Hotel claimed hotel staff searched their system for records of the non-profit paying for the veterans’ housing, "but found no reference of the YIT Foundation or Toney-Finch’s name."

The manager added, "I scoured the system. I mean, we went back, and there were no veteran organizations… There were no, absolutely no, veterans that were staying here that were asked to leave because of, you know, the migrants that were coming to stay here. Nobody was evicted. That’s for sure."

Fox News Digital reached out the Super 8 for information, where a clerk vehemently denied the allegations, calling them "asinine."

Fox News Digital also reached out to the Hampton Inn & Suites owner, who denied the allegations.

After its CEO’s claims could not be verified, the YIT Foundation told Fox News, "There is a lot of things that has not happened. I am one of the Veterans YIT has helped that works voluntarily."

Editor’s Note: Previously published stories included statements suggesting that hotels in Orange County, New York, including the Crossroads Hotel, evicted a group of homeless veterans. Subsequent reporting revealed that the evidence supporting those claims was false, and Fox News retracts the claims.

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