Christmas Hampers

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Re: Christmas Hampers

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This is exactly why I don't support large charities - most do very little or nothing to prevent abuse and/or have way too high overhead costs. For example: Canadian Cancer society spends nearly 50% of all donations on "operating costs".

We always look for the smaller grassroots opportunities. I've found their operating costs are usually way lower (many donate 100%) and they're better connected with those they help which weeds out many of the people who'd abuse the system otherwise.

We're also doing a Christmas hamper this year, my wife has put a lot of effort into it and I'm very proud of her. Not sure which organization she went through but they put her in direct contact with the family who will be receiving the hamper. No doubt it's a family that truly needs it and my wife finds it so much more rewarding.
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Re: Christmas Hampers

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It's like that Christmas breakfast Toys for Tots, take a cheapy gift.. you and your family score a free breakie/
When I worked in the Inner City at home they got gift cards, which would be traded :/ I figured out well, guess their holiday a bit brighter
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