Nice gift but worst possible car

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Re: Nice gift but worst possible car

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Hey guys, ... it's a gift, and for a good cause. The vehicle is roadworthy and free. That's all that matters. Argue makes and models at your local dealership. Kudos to the donors! :up:
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Re: Nice gift but worst possible car

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I don't like Fiat / Chrysler products any more than anyone else here, but if I was offered a free 5 year old car I would drive it with pride.
Although I am also wondering what their definition of Reconditioned is.
Mine is rebuilt motor / transmission. New brakes / steering and suspension.
Plus a complete detailing.
More than I expect they received :135:

Oh, I wonder why they weren't given a Kia. I would think it's better advertising for a Kia dealership.
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Re: Nice gift but worst possible car

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I would think that the dealership would have ensured that the car was solid enough to be driven by any one of their family members. Nothing like a fell good story about a car that dumped its trans or threw a rod 3 months down the line.

\donated tech time and whatever parts were needed and the investment on the part of the dealership is negligible and the karma they receive makes it all worthwhile.
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