A New Path For Conservatives On North America

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Re: A New Path For Conservatives On North America

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indianlarry66 wrote:lol big ideas sometimes take alot of typing to explain but more simply , if the conservatives dont wise up and forget about everything trump , the libs like biden and jt will be in power for decades . unless of course my ndp can gain more support .
Considering that The federal NDP's leader has direct ties to terrorists in India , I doubt that will EVER happen.....
Liberalism is a disease like cancer.. Once you get it , you can't get rid of it .
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Re: A New Path For Conservatives On North America

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indianlarry66 wrote:The reason why i think this should go here is simple , as Ka-el said in a different thread , a big part of this is a failure of education , which has lead to millions not knowing what reality is .

Failure of Education??? Its the idiots like JT and his image based, victimhood society propaganda that has actually educated people minds to the level they are today. It's not lack of education, its a new style. Controlled by the likes of Twitter, Zuckerberg and other media giants that have taken control of far to many. Question is, can these people think for themselves or are the Zombie's going to rule right down the path that the rich want us to?
If reality is what we are seeing today and tomorrow, unfortunately, then how can we change it back until we hit rock bottom and complete failure, like whats happening right now.
We need to fear this direction right now, its destroying every part of our society.
But until we can stop the mind manipulation of so many, the people of the rich own you.

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