Growing/sharing/learning to garden: 2022

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Re: Growing/sharing/learning to garden: 2022

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Excellent Thinktank! A pal of mine had access to gooseberries one year only, didn’t have a clue what to do with them. A willing and able Skunk, I made jam, and lordy, it was the best jam ever. If you have extras….

Blackberries: so easy to make jam and juice, simple job. To juice, just wash berries well, drop them into a big pot with water to cover plus one inch, mash them, and simmer until berries have given all they can. Pour through sieve and bottle [freeze if you will], excellent for jelly making later or use juice to cut your vodka. :biggrin:
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Re: Growing/sharing/learning to garden: 2022

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Catsumi wrote: Sep 19th, 2022, 6:01 pm use juice to cut your vodka. :biggrin:
Sacriledge to cut Vodka.
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Re: Growing/sharing/learning to garden: 2022

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I've been clipping back the sunflowers and grapevines. I have to move two pink blueberries bushes. And get the raspberries thinned out somewhat. So much to do this Fall.
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Re: Growing/sharing/learning to garden: 2022

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I put my strawberries in the ground. 3 long railing planters, 4 hanging pots. Filled one garden bed up completely! They went into the one I had used for onions, beets & kohlrabi. I know we're not expecting frost for a while, but I also know if I had put it off I'd be rushing or have missed my window.

I need to plant my fall garlic. But I want to plant them in the area currently overgrown by dahlias. And covered by the grape (which desperately needs to be cut back). I lost a few tubers last year, so this year I'm going to try it with this tutorial - we shall see.
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