Jump start your flower seeds

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Jump start your flower seeds

Post by Nasturtium »

Had 12 Flour O'clock seeds from my initial planting in March and, being later in the growing season, took a few tips from websites seeking a rapid germination process.
I settled on soaking these in weak tea with a drop of hydrogen peroxide overnight (this softens the hard outer shell). Then using a kitchen knife, nicked the outer shell and placed each one on a damp paper towel, folded in half, and slid this into a clear airtight sandwich bag. I clothespegged the bag outside in the sun for 2 days and this AM discovered that all 12 seeds have begun to root.
This link has great "how to" info on various seed species.
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Re: Jump start your flower seeds

Post by ferri »

wow! now that is a good idea! i love Four O'clocks. :D they smell so good, and they attract Hummingbird Moths like crazy.
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