Bucky is at a new home.

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Bucky is at a new home.

Post by featfan »

Working on the Westside 4-5 years ago deep in a creek after a seasonal flood.
Smelt something dead and started looking around.
Found a dead beaver, a very dead beaver, maggots and all.
Took my machete and cut off his head and bagged it up.
The guy I was working with was disgusted and did not want it in the truck.
Got Bucky home and cooked him in a slow cooker for 2 days.
Not recommended with neighbors.
It stunk so bad and if anyone complained I was going to say it was the people below me.
Took him into work on the next Monday and everyone was amazed at the skull.
The disgusted guy said he could not believe I saw the finished piece from what he saw me cut off.
I passed Bucky onto a girl that is into skulls.
Good day all around.
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Re: Bucky is at a new home.

Post by oldtrucker »

featfan wrote:I passed Bucky onto a girl that is into skulls.

Sexy, I like her already.

I used to clean skulls of whatever I found with red ants. Find a big red ant mound, put the skull on top, and a few weeks later- clean.
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Re: Bucky is at a new home.

Post by dirtybiker »

A friend tosses the heads (skulls) of the harvested Buffalo out in the
pasture and lets nature do her work.

Then sells the cleaned and bleached product to artisans.

Great skull job for sure.
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