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Re: Ant Problem

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thanks everyone for the suggestions...going to get both the diatomaceous earth and the borax today.. :up:
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Re: Ant Problem

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W105 wrote: Jun 24th, 2021, 4:45 pm thanks for the suggestions Sparki and BB49 :) we are right on the lake and I cannot battle the source...them b-turds have huge colonies down by the water and in the sandy areas..I spray our daily deck congo ant line, but once I do that they just start another now I am down to just finding a way to stop them from coming in the I said I spray the door frame daily, got the killer hotels, got my husband to put a small line of gas right under the RV steps ( that helped for about a week) ...I was wondering if there was something ( that is relatively cheap ) that I could spread under the entire RV ?? it's just dirt so I could rake it in ?? I am spending $$ on battling these b-turds and would like a cheap fix just to stop them from thinking our RV is an Ant Air BnB..

this may sound stupid but I was wondering if maybe spreading comet cleanser under the entire RV would work ?? can buy that stuff cheap at the dollar store and the rain won't wash it away cause it's under the RV..think it would work ??
You’ve had the more "organic" suggestions already so I won’t add to that.
Another option that is guaranteed to work is less "organic".

Do you know any orchardists? If so, get them to give you some stronger pesticide that will actually kill the buggers. Only a small amount is needed to mix with water in a backpack sprayer and spray all around the home. There are various old time ones that will nuke them and many will have them kicking around. They will know which ones.

Crude but extremely effective.
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Re: Ant Problem

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yah, give it all a go

We had a measure of success killing individual units with all these things (diatomagic earth - borax/sugar-water slurry - various ant poisons) but none of it even put a dent in the massive problem colony. We had a pest control guy over for a different issue in the house and mentioned the ant battle we had going on out back - he quickly identified the specific type of product needed for that specific type of ant and he was able to take care of it for good.

When all else fails - find the source & call in the big guns.

By-The-Way... QFI is the outfit who took care of business both inside & out. :up:
The adventure continues...

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Re: Ant Problem

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well I got everything that everyone I am stocked and ready to rock...ain't gonna be a damn ant in sight when I go on my murdering spree :up:

and LANDM, I do know an orchardist and I messaged him this morning and he will gladly fix me up if I need more murdering muscle...and Cats, I am going to the sugar thing too...

thanks again everyone and stay cool :130:
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Re: Ant Problem

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I doubt you'll get a suitable spray from an orchardist.

Ants are extremely hardy critters, you need some really nasty sprays to kill them. Ants are not a problem for orchardists, and in many cases they do more good than harm. They won't have sprays selective for ants, and the good ole days of buying "Kill anything it contacts" sprays ended in the 80's. Long story short - anything you do get from a farmer either won't work, or it'll be some very old and very nasty/dangerous spray that was banned decades ago.

We seem to get an ant infestation or 2 around our house a couple of times a year. What's worked best for us is the borax method. Skip buying any traps/baits, and simply buy some borax. Cheaper and works better IMO - just be careful of pets and children. Won't cause serious harm, but it'll make them sick/vomit. We've had good success mixing it with sugar and water, or honey. Try both, we've had times where they completely ignored the honey mixture but went crazy for the sugar water and vice versa.
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Re: Ant Problem

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